The Lost Boat [EP]

by starfish64

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber "The Lost Boat" and "Travel Light" are a pair of truly exciting songs from the mind of the ingenious German songwriter Dieter Hoffmann aka "starfish64" - I just couldn't resist adding them to my collection. Facing so much excellence, "Nowhere Bound" falls a bit behind them, although it's a great song, too. Regarding the concluding song on this EP, I wondered beforehand what the "Acoustic Version" of the title track would sound like, because the "Single Version" already is pretty acoustic... well, the most obvious difference is the absence of drums... additionally, the organ and e-guitar in the background are removed. Favorite track: Travel Light [2014 Re-Recording].


"The Lost Boat EP" features two versions of the title track plus "Travel Light" and "Nowhere Bound". All four tracks are exclusive to this release. However, "The Lost Boat" will appear in a different version on the upcoming album "Refugees", which is set for release later this year


released May 2, 2014

"The Lost Boat EP"
was recorded and mixed at the cafeteria
Between 2012 and 2014

D. Hoffmann: vocals; guitars; keyboards; programing

With [In order of appearance]:
J. Thiede: Acoustic guitars (1; 4)
Kass Moody: Bass (1;2;4)
P. Herrmann: Bass; Pedal-steel-guitar (3)

Words and music D. Hoffmann
Distilled and bottled by starfish64

Cover artwork by starfish64

Family and friends, players, fans and supporters
Thank you all


all rights reserved



starfish64 Germany

starfish64 was established in 2006 by German singer-songwriter Dieter Hoffmann. Originally intended to be a vehicle for his solo-work, starfish64 began recording and publishing in the singer-songwriter genre at first. Over the years, however, sound and compositions shifted more and more towards progressive and new art rock. Current Line-up:
D. H.
Henrik Kropp
Dominik Suhl
Martin Pownall
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Track Name: The Lost Boat [Single-Version]
The lost boat

Watching out
Still the harbour lies in waiting
For the dawn
I’m watching out
It’s been a hope for many
For freedom

I’m watching out
A faithful lighthouse-keeper
Standing guard
I’m out here on my own
Scanning the horizon
I hold on

I’m watching out for the lost boat.
For the lost boat out at sea
Watching out
Hope against hope for lost boat out at sea.

Break of day.
All the trawlers are coming in
One by one
They all know my fate
They all pray for fortune
And hold on
Track Name: Travel Light [2014 Re-Recording]
Half empty suitcase,
or is it half full?
It all depends on your condition.

Doesn’t matter much anyway
And needless to say, you’d better try
To travel light.

So take one Step ahead, travel light and don’t look back
Leave your past behind, forgive, but don’t forget.
Step off the beaten track, choose the sideroads, watch your Step
There’s nothing left to hide, but at least, you’ve got your pride
It won’t take much to travel light.

I left a lot of things at home.
Sometimes home means
„Not at home at all“
Some uncharted territory, yet any crowded place
Just some whistle stops from here.
Tell me brother where are you bound

So take one...

Some run for their lives
Some stumble and fall
Some will lose their way in the rain
Some live for the day
Some waste it all away
Some will never ever learn,
some won’t even shed a tear in all their lives
While some just try to travel light.

So take one...
Track Name: Nowhere Bound
Nowhere Bound

Some worn out holdall by the wayside.
Inside the troublesome baggage of bygone years and times

Once the beaten tracks may only take you back
To where these items all belong
To the house that is said to be solid and safe.
It is somebody's home, but not yours anymore.
It is somebody's home, but not yours anymore.

Nowhere bound
aimlessly nowhere bound
Once and all
Nowhere bound...

A buckled old bookmark in your bible.
Just one of those books, that would not end your search.
The songs that you sang to the notes that they found
A voice in the choir always in tune
Canon in rhyme
Ten commandments and plight
No contradictions no protest allowed.

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