The sniper & the beauty​-​queen

from The half​-​life of a gleam by starfish64



The sniper and the beauty Queen

Beauty queen dyes her curly hair
She paints a smile upon her face
Whereas deep inside, deep inside
White powder devil deep inside

They trade her pretty curves and skin
at some extraordinary price
She’s been sold down the river
the very day she’d blossomed out

Inside she’s never been as beautiful
as many think she is
It seems the hardest part of all
is the all ugliness she bears

The catwalk is a lonely place
The limelight and the lens
turn the inside out,
leave her defenceless in the nude

There is no place to hide
The public claims its share
And there she goes.
The splendour takes its toll
I guess she knows

The sniper’s well aware of his mighty fateful skills.
He’s got her in the crosshairs for quite some time.
He’s the one to shoot her in that special pose
The shadow of a wizard behind this flash of light

He’s got his bags already packed
He’s used to travel light.
She doesn’t mean a thing.
It’s him and only him.

She’s just another face on a printout of his fame.
There she goes.
The public claims its share
I guess she knows

Some other time,
Some place somewhere else
a subtle flower blossoms out
There in the prime of life most beautiful virginity

The sniper's on his way
the only one road towards decay
She will meet him some day soon
Smell the acid rotten stench

There will be no hiding place
It takes just one flash of light
The show must go on
The public claims its share


from The half​-​life of a gleam, released December 7, 2012


all rights reserved



starfish64 Germany

starfish64 was established in 2006 by German singer-songwriter Dieter Hoffmann. Originally intended to be a vehicle for his solo-work, starfish64 began recording and publishing in the singer-songwriter genre at first. Over the years, however, sound and compositions shifted more and more towards progressive and new art rock. Current Line-up:
D. H.
Henrik Kropp
Dominik Suhl
Martin Pownall
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